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Japanese: 古見さんは、コミュ症です。
Airing date: 7/10/2021 (Thursday release)
Episodes: Unknown
Genres: Slice-of-life, comedy
Studio: OLM
monsta recommends for: Likes anime that deals with socially awkward teenagers.

Synopsis: On her first day of entering the prestigious Itan Private High School Komi Shouko has already attained the status of class Madonna for her stunning looks and graceful appearance. There is just one little secret she has… She is terrible at communicating with others!

Tadano Hitchito is in a similar boat and feels he is out of Komi’s league but he finds out that Komi has similar problems to himself he tries to befriend her and they make a promise to help get 100 friends. Let do the pair know that this school is full of crazy people so making friends won’t be easy in this school!


Thoughts: This is a series where the jokes or should I say joke fell flat on me. Now I am not totally adverse to series where the main struggles to make friends as I really liked Watamoe. In that series Tomoko had immense difficulties forming friendships and even relating to others but unlike Komi, Tomoki had a charm and character that made you want to root for her. In this anime I just found Komi lacking in any likeable traits and her character was simply reduced to that of a pretty girl who couldn't speak. I feel we needed something extra to feel more emotionally attached to this character.

The fact that Tadano had a similar character type did not help the show either as there was no real contrast in the two characters personalities. As a result of their similar characteristics it meant the anime became overly reliant on misunderstandings and funny expressions (which granted was surprising varied) to carry the show. In the end when an anime relies on repeating the same gag over and over things will get stale very quickly. It is because of this that I felt this show was not my cup of tea. The animation is good though and the expressions can be amusing so maybe if you are really into shows with shy/socially awkward leads then you could enjoy it more than I did. For me though I give this a 4/10 and it is likely I won't watch another episode of this anime.
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