FLCL Alternative & Progressive

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It's odd how some don't get dubs... like Aria... I think the only dub was a fan dub.... using their club of friends... not too good... but no other dub.... this one, FLCL, is picked up by an American company I think, so it makes sense they planned to dub it at the start... getting pros.. though some few times, I've heard a decent fan dub.

I think what I missed the most in this new FLCL is the kid... what happened to him? and his brother's old GF... what happened to them? They were interesting.... we get further backstory on that guy/manager the FLCL scooter girl works for/with.... but he's not that interesting.... and in the second new version, no mention of the lady that competed with the scooter girl/woman... what happened to her? they went after the Male God? together didn't they?

most of my problems seem common sense to anyone that liked the original... so what's wrong with this new team? why didn't they see the obvious?
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