Anime Recommendation

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Do you have any anime to recommend?
Post them here. Please give a little information on what you're recommend such as some basic info, the links etc. Thank you.
Feudal, epical -> Record of Lordoss War, Berserk, Bastard(6 OVAs, but fantastic) and Slayers(all them)
Mutants, near future -> E's Otherwise, Hellsing, Full Metal Alchemist, X (TV and the OVAs), Witch Hunter Robin, Gantz...
Fight -> Airmaster (amazing!), Samurai X, Shadow Skill, Condor Hero (great chinese martial art story), Saint Seya, Shura no Toki(really, really amazing), ninja scroll(the OVA is the better).... Samurai 7...
Cute -> Girls Bravo, Love Hina...

Special indication: Hikaru no Go, Flame of Recca, One Piece, Naruto and Hunter x Hunter!
Tsukuyomi ~Moon Phase~ and My-Hime. If you haven't seen em, then you should give em a try.
i recommend

full metal alchemist - action/drama/comedy/magical 51 episodez of great pack action!

naruto - ninja/comedy/ one of my favorite long seriez!

elfen lied - gore/bloody/maruto audience!..such a good story! i got teary eye by watching this -=]

great teacher onizuka - great story/funny!!!/funny characterz!/ this is prolly my favorite non-action anime!

samurai x - one of the best OVA'z!
Rozen Maiden just started, & it's amazing
also no one mentioned Gankutsuou which is a good drama, as for funny you can go for final approch & school rumble
Anime you may or may not have seen.

Noir Totally underated.

Tenchi Muyo Getting older, hopefully not forgotten.

Berserk Not popular in Japan?

His and Her Circumstances (Kare Kano) You've seen Evangelion, haven't you? See this (note: completely different genre, same director).

Naruto See what the craze is all about.

X the series The Matrix directors totally saw this. But it's not the Matrix.

Many others, here are a few I de-recommend.

Overated anime (in my opinion so don't kill me):
Love Hina, Slayers, Record of the Lodoss War (OVA), and Excel Saga.
I recommend: Tsukuyomi, Final Approach and School Rumble.
Yakitate Japan is also very good!
I just recomend 3 big dogs that made me very satisfied:

FMA (Full Metal Alchemist), GTO(Great Teacher Onizuka) and GITS (Ghost in the shell the series)
Definately worth your time (if you're into the action/comedy genre):

One Piece - Always and forever my #1 favorite. Pirates, slapstick, adventure and drama that has brought most of my guy friends to tears. XD

Grenadier - New! But it does feature a girl kicking more a** than the male lead character.

FullMetal Alchemist - Funny, smart, and great animation. What more do you need?

Samurai Champloo - Nicely animated with a touch of humor. Plus you get Samurai action? What else do you need? Plus Kazuya-sama does some voice-acting in it. XD

Nice (if you're into serious action):

Berserk - If you haven't seen this, you're missing an epic. The manga is WAY better than the series, plus there's a beautious game coming to PS2.

Pretty good (if you just like blood and shameless nudity):

Elfen Lied - A short but sweet series in the horror genre. I didn't find it very scary, but cute girls ripping men (and women) limb from limb is pretty entertaining. Plus the first episode is like %90 nude women. Come on guys, you know you wanna watch it.

Tenjou Tenge - The manga is borderline hentai, but I love it. Chicks (like me) enjoy the action, guys like the shameless shower scenes. XD The anime was pretty good, 24 episodes, but they better continue the series eventually. o.o;

Tsukiyomi - Moon Phase - I'm starting to like the series, the cute girl as the vampire and the guy as the damsel in distress is a pretty neat twist.

Everything else (that I enjoy):

Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO) - I like this series alot, but some say it's an aquired taste. It's education like you've never seen it before! XD Plus there's some great scenes in the anime. The manga differs ever so slightly.

Tactics - It reminds me of Yami no Matsui, and I enjoy my (kinda) Shonen-ai series. It's got great animation and many bishies. Plus it's cute and funny.
It's a buddist-themed demon-beat-'em-up with what seems to be a deep plot.

Kyou Kara Maou! - I eagerly await each episode of this hilarious Shonen-ai show. Guys should check this out as well, it's just so...wrong! I love it, and I get alot of laughs out of it, plus the story seems to be pretty deep (I hope), and I wish it'll keep going after 26 episodes (currently 23 available, thanks AonE).

That's it for now. XD Just some of my personal faves, plus there are the obvious popular series like Naruto. And others that are good, but I didn't go into detail, like Sunabouzo. Anyways, there's alot out there, you've just gotta try 'em out.

I'll stop rambling now, it's my habit to post short essays rather than small messages. XD You should see me in a chat room.
Yes GTO is very entertaining (haven't seen it all though), generally I reserve judgement until I've seen it all.....unless....

it sucks, although in the case of the series that I thought were overated I saw them all though Slayers only season 1 and Excel only the first 2 or 3? DVD's)
Try looking for:

Golden boy - Ecchi/Comedy/Romance
DNA^2 - Ecchi/Comedy/Romance

Graveyard of the flies - Its a realistic story of two siblings during a war
Pom Poko - Watch how raccons save their village "Henge no jutsu!"
My Neighbor Totoro - two sibling just transfered to a new village and they came face to face with weird animal.
Shinchan : Adult Empire Strikes back - A naustalgic anime which tries to bring the past back but its a complete laugh trip

Yeah, Studio Ghibli is usually a good bet. Spirited Away is my favorite (though I have yet to see Totoro, yeah I know I know, its near the top of my list (but I was gonna buy it when Disney released it... oops they didn't.... well maybe in February..... oops gotta wait some more (better be worth the wait)).
huh, so many titles...
Ranma 1/2 - comedy/fight/romance, my fav series, it has it ALL :>
I's - simply great romance...
Azumanga daioh - funniest comedy ever!
Dragon half - old, but still great comedy
Slayers - a must-see if you like fantasy
Full Metal Alhemist - just read some posts above

Kanon - greates drama ever!
Initial D - who doesnt like racing ?!
Hikaru no Go - it made me want to play GO

and many more like: Cowboy Bebop, Evangelion, Chobits, Love Hina, Kimagure Ornge Road, Hack Sign, Digi Charat, Ghost In The Shell, Shingetsutan Tsukihime, Oh! My goddness... theres even more :>
Prince of Tennis!!! - best sports anime ever!!!

Full Metal Alchemist - It has absolutely EVERYTHING!!! excellently excellent anime XD
i disagree on the pot one

Prince of Tennis the second best sports anime

SLAM DUNK is the best

Full Metal panic season 1 & 2

Full metal alchemist (ur stoopid if u dont watch it)

Green Green if ur interested in half hentai half stoopidity

GTO - greatest teacher

Samurai Champloo - hip hop style

Cowboy Bebop - space cowboy bounty hunters

One piece - for sure ... its juss absolutely good

Naruto - must watch

Samurai X Rurouni Kenshin - maddist fighting ever

Shura no Toki - martial arts (amazing stuff)

aishiterzu baby - MAD ANIME im addicted to it dont know why lolx

Tokyo Underground - funny and action

Yakitate JApan - mad anime
  • DearS
  • Kidou senshi Gundam SEED
  • Kimi ga nozomu eien
  • Last Exile
  • Melody of Oblivion
  • Saishuu heiki kanojo
  • Yami to boushi to hon no tabibito
there are just too many series for me to be able to keep up with you guys
but i'm counting on giving most of the new series's a try from now on.. i'm enjoying this.. community pretty much =P

now if only i didn't have absurd transfer limits.. then i'd finally be happy

Hikaru no Go (Who knew anime about the game of go could be this good?)
Grave of the Fireflies (Very sad. Mentioned earlier)
Hunter X Hunter (Kinda reminds me of dragonball, but deeper, more touching, and without the rabid fandom. Short synopsis: boy goes on quest to find father he never met)
Gankatsuou (Just got into this myself. Anime Count of Monte Cristo)
Genshiken (An anime series about the members of an otaku club. Cute)
1. Coboy Bebop is a must to watch for anime fans great music great story great anime.

2. Gungrave a serious mafioso anime. Story is nicely ploted. Gets really sad in the end. I would recommend this to all non anime watchers too.

3. Rurouni Kenshin . Great Music, great story till Shishio saga others are not bad. OVAs are all 4.5 out of 5 one of my favourites.

3. Trigun Funny and serious but really enjoyable anime.

4. Bleach, Mai Hime Samurai Champloo, School Rumble are all great to watch.

5. Last Exile.
6. Ghost in the shell SAC and the movies
7. Lain experiments.
For those who like mythical/fantasy, I recommend Juuni Kokki AKA Twelve Kingdoms. Early eps may confuse you but if you stick with it the story will begin to explain itself and keep you utterly gripped to the end. Fantastic story set in a very detailed world.
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